Using statement pieces in your home

Have you ever completed decorating a room and wanted to put your own stamp on it? A statement piece can make a lovely room into a 'WOW' room. That wow factor can be created by adding an item of size, bold colours, back stories or unique handmade pieces. Our Interior Designers say 'there’s really no need to spend big money on everything in your room. One statement piece can change a room completely'. Our designers have chosen 5 of our most popular items that will make a statement in any home and explained a little about how you can make them work in your home depending on what you are looking for...
1.The empty wall
This lovely wall heart has a back story (Its handmade from driftwood pieces) and the scale is impressive (which means it can make a statement on a large empty wall). In this room the heart has added texture and depth to a wall and tied in the oak furniture to the grey colour chosen for the wall.
2. Hand Painted Circus Art 
The bold colours in the hand painted circus art really do make a statement, the pieces are timeless, unique and painstakingly had painted. The is an art which is dying out and as such pieces tend to be conversational and awe inspiring. Pieces are very often humorous and have a story. All of our circus art is hand painted by an experienced circus Artist and is therefore a truly unique one-off piece.
3. Busts 
When you think of busts you may think of monarchs and alike. These days there are a number of conversational, statement busts, many hand painted with bright colours to tie into most decors. these can really bring a room to life. 
4. Hand Finished Art 
Our hand finished art takes a famous picture and add extra touches and externally added Swarovski crystals / liquid art to bring the piece to life, making it unique and an ideal piece to add colour and a bit of wow to your room. 
5.The 'statement piece of furniture'
Adding one statement piece of furniture to a room can draw the eye and give the room its own personality. Handmade pieces and reclaimed items add a story and depth to the room making it awe inspiring and adding visual appeal. This is a nest coffee table with a repurposed wooden railway sleeper wooden top. 
6. Soft Furnishings 
Something as simple as a bold scatter cushion can add to your current setup and make it look completely different. If your cushion is bold, hand embroidered AND fair Trade it just adds to the appeal! 






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